One Stitch at a Time

I finished my last quilt shortly before Vijay was born, over nine months ago now.  I never shared a picture of it in all of its finished glory…so finally, here it is.  Back in March of 2010, I showed it all coming together…

and now, well over a year later, I decided it was time to show the finished product.  So why now?  Am I desperately searching for something to blog about?  Nope.  Promise that is not the case.

Here’s the thing.  I have decided it might be time to quilt again.  To take a quilt from start to finish is a huge task…at least that’s the case for me (I don’t know how this new mom does it- she’s making it look way too easy!).  I didn’t feel ready to start a quilting project until now, and I’m thinking my new-found energy might have something to do with this tempting pile of fabric that I have waiting for me in my stash (I kinda just re-discovered it while cleaning my studio!).

I purchased this fabric from Lizzy House at Squam Art Workshops over a year ago.  I was surprised by the purchase, since normally, as seen above, my quilts tend to be girly and sophisticated in their color scheme.  I even debated putting the two of these projects in the same blog post.  I like cohesion in my posts, and these projects are just so different in their look and feel.  This stack of fabric is nothing but fun and color.  I was pregnant at the time of the purchase, and I knew I was having a boy…I guess this fabric feels playful to me, and that makes it perfect for little Vijay.

I am especially loving the blues and greens…with pops of orange and red.

I haven’t decided on a pattern yet (totally open to suggestions!), and it will probably be another year before you ever hear about this quilt, or see any progress.  In all honesty, my goal is to have it ready for Vijay’s eventual move to a toddler bed.  These days, that seems like a pretty reasonable deadline for me!

2 thoughts on “One Stitch at a Time

  1. B.

    mmmm LOVE the fabrics. i am such a nerd when it comes to textiles.
    and i love your quilt! i think it came together so beautifully. 🙂


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