Embracing the Change

Sometimes I still think of myself as young…as in teenager, early twenties.  I realize that 28 is not old by any stretch of the imagination…but I am no longer the same girl that I was in those years.   I feel this in terms of my responsibilities (does anything make you grow up faster than having a baby, caring for another life so fully?), and in terms of my body.

At the end of each long day, my back is aching from carrying a 25 pound baby, my hands are chapped from washing incessantly, and my hair, when left to its own devises, sprouts gray.  I look in the mirror and see how tired my face looks.  And my stomach, once I am tired from all of the bending and lifting, and can no longer hold it together, relaxes into a little pooch.  This is new to me, and I am still getting used to seeing myself in this light.

These thoughts played on my mind when it came time to choose a new swimsuit.  I have always been a bikini girl, but no longer.  Somehow, a one-piece felt more appropriate.  I wanted the coverage for all of the aforementioned bending and lifting, and frankly, I didn’t want to have to worry about sucking in my stomach on top of everything else.  Lucky for me, one-pieces are all the rage, and I was able to find two super cute suits (and on sale, nonetheless).  While on vacation, I asked my mom to capture a few candid shots of me in my new suits.  When she showed me the pictures, I was so surprised to see a youthful ‘me’ reflected back.  I look tan, and relaxed, and that smile…well, it is the real deal.  Perhaps, just perhaps, I have been a bit hard on myself.  What a good reminder to stop focusing on the negatives, and start appreciating just what this body of mine has been through in the past year.

Anyone else out there made the switch to one-pieces recently?

12 thoughts on “Embracing the Change

  1. The Wifeyness

    Those swim suits are so cute!! I have yet to change to a one-piece myself, but when the day comes that I am blessed by children, I'll make the switch too. Can I ask what brand/what store you got your suits? I love the throw-back vibe they have!

  2. Andrea

    I made the switch to a tankini this year myself. I'm 28 and sprouting gray as well now – I loved to read your post and know I'm not alone!

  3. Aura

    You are one smoking Mama 🙂 I bought a one piece, similar to these last Summer when I first found out I was pregnant. I call it my “Mom swimsuit.” I think I still look decent in a bikini, and wear one from time to time, but I feel extra confident in the one piece. I just think my entire sense of self has improved so much since baby E came along. I'm still pretty amazed at what my body was able to do in 9 months, and that adds all the confidence in the world.
    You are beautiful, inside and out!

  4. B.

    you look absolutely beautiful! and yes, i think i'm noticing a pattern of you being a little bit harsh with yourself. just being honest. but…then again, so am i. so is every mother i know. it's like a strange disease that we all catch the second we give birth.
    and yes, one-pieces have an honored place in my swimsuit wardrobe. 🙂

  5. A New England Life

    I hadn't even had my first child at 28! You look great Christine. Break out a box of color and you'll look 5 years younger. I'm sure you husband appreciates you taking such good care of yourself.

    Sometimes woman just seem to let themselves go as they get older and I don't understand that. In this day when we have so many options to look good, and be healthy, why not take advantage of them?

    Love that red suit!

  6. Jess

    I think you look beautiful! And I agree with you that as I get older, I find myself switching to more clothing that better fits my body (rather than trying to fit my body into the clothes). It's all about being comfortable and happy.

    PS – 28 is not old!


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