Wild Blackberries

On one of our last days in Northern Michigan, we discovered a hidden treasure by the side of our country lane.  A seemingly endless supply of blackberries, growing completely wild and untamed.

We ran home for a basket, and quickly returned to the thorny patch.  Within twenty minutes or so, we had completely filled our basket (and our bellies!).

We decided to mix the berries, along with granola, into softened vanilla ice cream…the perfect treat for a hot summer day (speaking of granola…does anyone have a great recipe for a crunchy, oat-y, nutty, healthy, granola?).  While the little one couldn’t indulge in our frozen treat, he seemed to enjoy his berry mash.

9 thoughts on “Wild Blackberries

  1. Michelle Shopped

    yes! i have a recipe…will write later — just got back from beloved vermont and see you'll be up in my favorite valley soon for a book signing (i missed you at judith's in roslindale but have had a chance to check out your delightful book (in baltimore and tiverton!)…

  2. Julie

    Yum, yum, YUM! Love that blackberry face! We used to have so many wild blackberry bushes growing out here. I think we picked them to death. 😦


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