All’s Well That Ends Well

Some of you might have caught the blog post that I wrote on Monday, and deleted about fifteen minutes later.  It was the sob story of my lost luggage- and I am happy to report that a mere fifteen minutes after posting my story, I received a call letting me know that my bag had been found in Atlanta (of all places) and was on the next flight to Detroit.  Phew…and it only took four nerve-wracking days.

I am embarrassed to admit that I actually hugged my camera once my bag was back in my possession.  How I love my Canon, let me count the ways.  So now…with a much lighter heart…I feel like my vacation is really, truly starting.

By the way…these gorgeous pictures (taken by the lovely Jamie) are from a book signing party my parents hosted for me in Michigan- lots of pressure to make my next book Markets of the Midwest!  I can’t help but agree- Chicago, Detroit, Madison, Traverse City…this book could practically write itself.  Or maybe that’s just my Michigan roots talking!  Okay…I’m off…on vacation…here I go…

5 thoughts on “All’s Well That Ends Well

  1. AJD ∞

    I might have to pick your book up! I grew up in MI and now, living on the west coast, I'm finding that any comforts from/of my childhood are welcome. Good to hear you found your luggage!

  2. michele

    so glad they found your bag! when i was in college, i flew to south america to spend a three-week holiday with my boyfriend's (now husband) family. the airline lost my luggage somewhere between indianapolis and ecuador, and it never turned up. ever. i spent three weeks in three different climates – chilly mountains, stifling and humid sea-level city, and the beach – with only the clothes on my back, the random dress that was in my carry-on, and shorts i borrowed from my boyfriend (now husband), who was (is) a 6'4″ basketball player. i'm a foot shorter than that and don't play basketball, yet in nearly every photo from that trip, i'm wearing nylon shorts with some mascot all over them that hung past my knees, and one of three t-shirts … two of which had yet another team logo and hung also to about my knees. stylin'. there's nothing more unsettling than being without all of your plans and preparedness. hope the rest of your trip is less eventful!

  3. Karen

    Hi Christine, I grew up in Rhode Island and now find myself living in the Midwest…my family will be spending a few weeks on the RI shore this summer and I look forward to finding your book. I miss cooking with native New England fare! It will be so much fun to scout for local farm produce.
    And yes, do explore the markets of the Midwest. There are a few good ones here in St. Louis. Soulard Market (one of oldest markets in the US) and Tower Grove to name a few.
    Cheers! Karen

  4. Josh

    Enjoy your summer break Christine. Glad you are taking a break but I will miss you pictures of blueberry tarts, Midwestern lakes, local markets… make sure Vijay (Sr!) doesnt eat too many of those Michigan muffins & see you guys when you get back.



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