And…we’re off

all photos here by Thea Coughlin

“Have baby…will travel.”  If there ever were a bumper sticker I needed to slap on the rear of my ride, it would be that.  We are heading off on a New Hampshire roadtrip- me, the little one, and our lovely babysitter, Amy.  Three book signings in four day- throw in a 7 month old for good measure, and you have yourself the makings of an adventure (or potential disaster, depending how you look at it)!

I owe you a post dedicated to the amazing FarmCoast blogger retreat (which is where these pictures were all taken by the gorgeous and talented Thea)…but it will have to wait.  I still need to empty the trash, clean out the fridge, shower, change and feed the little one, finish an article due today, pack the car, and hit the road by noon.  Good lord…what am I doing blogging right now?

In the meantime- here are some lovely posts about our time spent exploring the FarmCoast region, and be sure not to miss the FarmCoast flickr group for some inspiring images:
Mystic Vixen
A New England Life
Paintings in Dutch
Poppy & Leo

I will see you back here next week- or perhaps I will see a few of you in New Hampshire at book signings (see my sidebar for event details), or at the Squam Art Fair (where I get to hang with the beautiful Elizabeth, below)!  Did I mention that there will be free beer at the Squam Art Fair– by Saturday night, I will most likely be in dire need of a cold one!

5 thoughts on “And…we’re off

  1. maura king

    I discovered your blog a couple of months ago and wanted to let you know I love it. And your baby-so adorable.

  2. Elyse

    wow, christine … it's been quite a while since i visited lavender + limes and am just delighted to see all of the amazing things happening for you! warmest congrats on everything!

    hooray for ocean state writers!


  3. Mirys

    I found your blog today (I´m not sure HOW, but… perhaps I came here from Ashley Ann´s “Under the Sycamore” blog… or from Valerie Koop´s “Be in the moment” blog…) and I CAN´T SPOT READING IT!!!!

    Great blog! Great pictures! Great ideas! Great achivements! CONGRATS!!!!

    Kisses and blessings.
    from Brazil


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