Official Book Launch Party

It was a night to remember…oh, was it ever! Family, friends, blog readers, and local community members all gathered to celebrate the launch of Markets of New England.  The food was all local…from oysters and cupcakes, to locally brewed beer and wine…it was truly a celebration of all that Rhode Island has to offer.

I’ll admit to being a bit intimidated when I cracked open the first pristine copy of my book to sign.  It felt like a very important moment…lending my signature to my book.  But I quickly got into the groove, and enjoyed personalizing each copy.

It helped that so many of my amazing friends and family were there to lend their support…especially my mom, dad, brother, and cousin (all the way from Michigan), Aiden (and her adorable family), Elizabeth, and Nina…who took all of these gorgeous pictures!  I think I will let the images speak for themselves…and really, I am a bit too exhausted to try and put my feelings on the evening into words.  Suffice to say…it was perfect!

11 thoughts on “Official Book Launch Party

  1. Christina Rosalie

    That last photo is just about the most gorgeous pic ever. Your smile jumps off the screen. CONGRATS on your book, Christine! What a milestone. Wish I could have been there… come up to Burlington & do a reading!!

  2. Kayla Poole

    You are such an inspiration. Your book was waiting in the mail when I got home tonight and I already devoured it. And will re-devour it tomorrow. I'm planning to go buy a few more copies from Anthropoloogie to gift to friends and loved ones. Such a treat to have on my shelf (and signed by you, how lucky am I!)


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