A Springtime Craft

The trees were dressed in their Easter best this past weekend, to be sure.  It was a magnificent site to behold. After church, we walked to brunch, and along the way, I couldn’t help but snip off a few branches here and there. 

I simply had to bring their fragrant beauty home.  I was inspired to create colorful vessels to hold my treasures.

A few weeks ago, I quietly added a new button to my sidebar, announcing that I was Yankee Magazine’s newest craft blogger.  I wanted to get a few posts under my belt before I made the announcement here.

I am super excited about this week’s craft…a simple, yet colorful way to display spring blossoms, using jars, and a bit of colored masking tape.  Take a peek at the full post here.  I hope you will join me every other Monday, over at Yankee, for a bit of crafting!

3 thoughts on “A Springtime Craft

  1. Kate

    Isn't spring STUNNING?? I just adore those pink trees and what better way to bring spring into your home by snipping off a couple of branches? The vases are a very cute/quick idea.

  2. bella

    Beautiful photos, Christine ~ and congratulations on becoming Yankee's new craft blogger. That's amazing (I l.o.v.e. that magazine!) xo


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