Island Life

We arrived home late last night, and awoke this morning to gray skies and a chilly house.  Ugh…I miss the islands!  Specifically, the island of Abaco, in the Bahamas, where we were lucky enough to spend the last week.

I would love to tell you stories of scuba diving with sting ray, batting around the tennis ball and taking island adventures…but alas, all we really did was walk the beach and swim in the ocean.  Our beach, which we pretty much had to ourselves, stretched on uninterrupted for 3.5 miles…so when I say we walked, we walked.  Every morning, and every night…like clockwork…we strapped the little one on, and walked the beach.

It was so unbelievably relaxing…especially for the little one, who is a total island baby.  His skin, which had been so dry all winter, turned so soft and supple.  His runny nose dried right up.  He started sleeping for 9-10 hours a night.  He was in pure heaven, to be sure.

We vacationed with my family, and I think that my mom and dad would love to take credit for the little one’s blissful state…but I will let you in on a secret…it was the sun.  Period.  No doubt about it.

I will be back tomorrow with some pictures of the gorgeous scenery of the island, and some thoughts on squeezing into a bikini five months after having a baby…so stay tuned…this promises to be interesting!

3 thoughts on “Island Life

  1. Paula

    Your vacation looks and sounds amazing! Are you willing to divulge where exactly you stayed? It looks blissful. I usually vacation on a cruise (loud, incredibly fun, lots to do, amazing food…) but I now think a totally relaxing island retreat is the way to go. Ahhh… Time to start planning and daydreaming about somewhere nice next winter… Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos:)


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