Neighborhood Watch

My husband teases me mercilessly about my unofficial “neighborhood watch” patrol.  We live on a quiet street, so we don’t get much traffic, foot or vehicle.  My desk happens to face a window that gives me a full, unobstructed view of the street (of course I didn’t plan it that way…wink!).  I used to sit there for long periods of time while I was writing my book and working on articles.  Of course, I do a lot less sitting these days…but nap time usually finds me parked behind my computer, catching up on work.

Anyway, while at my desk, I like to keep an eye on the comings and goings of the neighbors.  I can’t help it…I am nosy, and I am cautious.  Ever since our house was broken into last year, I feel like it is my duty to be aware of my surroundings, and be on the lookout for suspicious activity.  When I hear raised voices, or see a car driving a bit too slowly down the street, I run to the window for a better view.  This is why my husband teases me…he thinks I am morphing into one of those crazy housewives who chases after speeding cars, shaking a broom and yelling, “SLOW DOWN, don’t you know there are kids around?”  Luckily…I don’t own a broom.

What’s the point of my ramblings?  I just wanted to share that my neighborhood watch has finally paid off…not in any cool crime solving kind of way, but in wildlife sightings.  I was working at my desk yesterday, when I happened to look up and see a wild turkey making his way down the street.  I sprinted for my camera and ran to the door to catch a peek.  This might not be an exciting discovery for those of you who live in rural areas, but for me, in my urban setting…this was pretty cool!  Then my mom sent me these pictures of an owl that she saw (during the day!) in front of the house. 

So I simply wanted to show you (talking to my husband here) that my nosy ways have paid off…and I didn’t even have to shake my broom.

5 thoughts on “Neighborhood Watch

  1. Mama Llama

    I do the same thing. We live on a dead-end, and I always run to the window when a car goes by (and then turns around and goes back – I always stay to make sure they turn around and go back). My husband calls me “Scooper”.

  2. Megan

    I'm loving that pudgy owl! He's so cute! Although he's probably fat from eating a bunny recently or something and I'm sure HE didn't think the owl was so cute…

  3. Larry

    I love the pictures of the owl and turkey. I saw a gull a few days ago about 30 feet up, watching something on the ground. He was able to hover and keep his head absolutely locked in position, while fluttering his wings slightly. I didn't know a gull could do that, hover in mid air!


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