Garden Planning

This weekend was full of anticipation for the coming of spring.  The Southside Community Land Trust hosted their Urban Agriculture Spring Kick-Off event at the Roger William Botanical Gardens.

There was a packed schedule of workshops, including an urban chicken workshop taught by yours truly (and my trusty chicken buddy, Kate– cause when it comes to chickens, we come as a pair!).

Apparently…chickens are a hot topic because our workshop had about 50 attendees, all very eager to learn the how-to’s of chicken raising.

Other workshops included Seed Starting, Rain Collection, Composting, and Garden Planning.  There was also a seed swap…which really got my wheels turning as to what I want to do with my garden this year.  If you recall, we redid our yard last summer, installing a deck and cutting down on our plant-able land, which is actually a good thing.

We have pretty poor soil for growing vegetables, and my raised beds seemed really susceptible to pests.  So this year, I am going to try container gardening.  I am going to grow a few big pots of herbs, tomatoes, peppers and lettuce.

Now the question remains…do I apply what I learned on Saturday and start my own seeds?  Or wait until the Southside has their plant sale and buy their fabulous plant starts?

I’m curious…what plans do you have for your garden this year?

*There was a really cool kids section…with a nature table showcasing various seed pods, nests, feathers, eggs and flowers.  I can’t wait until our little guy is old enough to enjoy a nature table of his very own!

6 thoughts on “Garden Planning

  1. Cindy

    Those workshops sound so neat! Whenever I move back to the suburbs and have a yard, I definitely want to start a garden. 🙂 One of my friends would love to raise chickens in the city. She says fresh eggs taste heavenly!

  2. stephanie

    I'm planning on having more herbs planted as well as getting my garden box planted earlier since I don't have to wait for it to be built this year! And harvesting my first garlic.

  3. Lisa

    Yay! I'm so glad someone else is already obsessing about what to plant!

    This year I'm trying an experiment to see which works best: a) starting seeds indoors b) planting seeds directly outdoors and c) buying started plants.

    Can't wait to compare crops, come on Spring!


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