It’s Done!

I did it…I lopped off my hair.  12 inches of it, to be exact!  It’s super short, super healthy looking and I absolutely love it.  When I got home from the salon, my little one greeted me with an inquisitive look, as if to say, “You look like my mama, but something is different.  Hmmm?”

25 thoughts on “It’s Done!

  1. Anonymous

    It looks cute but I mourn the loss of such long beautiful hair. I would cry if I cut mine off. But it is more practical when there's a little one so congrats!

    Kellie C.

  2. decorater4life

    You Look Beautiful!!!!!! Nothing at all to be ashamed of here…. It is always nice for a change to cut it off, and also like you said it is healthier!!!!!! You look great!!!!! Your little one is adorable, it is so funny because that face he is making reminds me of how my two youngest girls looked at me when I went from blonde to chocolate brown one time, now that was drastic, Id say!!!! lol Enjoy your lovely hair!!!

    Michelle Torres

  3. Anonymous

    Great cut!! When I did the same, my son was about two years old. I cut mine off even shorter and my son turned from me and shouted NO!!!! He still loves me, 8 years later… 🙂 ~~Susan

  4. nima noema

    So cute your little one!

    And you look beautiful.
    I´m thinking of cutting my hair, too, so that it´ll look healthy – but – I LOVE long hair. What shall I do?


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