Hair Today….Gone Tomorrow?

Excuse the cheesy title of this post…but I’m sure you know where I am going with this.  My hair is long right now…long, unruly, annoying and in need of a cut.  I loved my hair before having my little guy…but now, with no time to take care of it properly, or style it, I am reduced to throwing it up in a messy bun every single day.  And not a cute messy bun…just a messy, messy bun!  Also, I am in the phase of post-pregnancy where my hair is starting to fall out.  There are literally tumbleweeds of my hair blowing around the house…it’s driving me crazy.  To top it all off…long hair isn’t all that “baby friendly.”  My little guy is such a grabber, and my hair gets wrapped around his sticky little fingers.  It hurts!

So, to make a long story short, it’s time for a cut.  I have an appointment for 10am tomorrow….and I am starting to get nervous.  I want to cut it short (and donate the rest to Locks of Love), à la Audrey Tautou and Mandy Moore.  What do you think?  I need some encouragement…or, I need you to let me know if this is the WORST decision ever!  I simply can’t make up my mind!

21 thoughts on “Hair Today….Gone Tomorrow?

  1. bella

    🙂 Christine … I hear you! If you're not super attached to your hair style go for it. It's an extreme change, are you ready for it? If not, you can go up to your shoulders. Either way, enjoy your time at the salon, treating yourself. xo

  2. mayaluna

    Do it! Christine, I had hair down to my waist for years. Enter second baby, and I had enough. Although, I'm growing it back right now… I loved my years of short hair with a babe and toddler. LOVED! I donated mine to Locks of Love, too and it felt just right. You will look beautiful with any length of hair you choose… and it will always grown back.

  3. jessica

    Do it! I know everybody says this, but it is just hair; it'll grow back if you don't like it. I think you should start with Mandy, and then go Audry if you're feelin' it. I looked carefully at your profile picture, and I truly think you would look adorable with short hair. And think how nice it'll be as spring approaches! Do it! Do it! Do it!

  4. lisaski

    I say go for it! I recently did this exact same thing and haven't regretted it once. The time it takes to fix each day is incredible–no time! You can check my link for pictures of my hair…I'm actually loving it best as it grows out a little…so Mandys hair is probably my fave, Good luck with your decision!

  5. J

    Do it! It's so much fun to have short hair, at least for a while. I did it kind of like Audrey's picture when I was in college, and I loved it, and when I got tired of it I grew it out and had a bunch of cute styles on the way. Now my hair is quite long and I'm happy with it, but I look at these pictures and think, maybe I should do it again… 🙂 Seems like perfect timing for you to do it, too, with baby grabbing and postpartum hair loss. I'm sure that'll happen to me as well–I'm due in a month or so. Good luck!

  6. Megan

    I love that Mandy moore cut! How great! I remember cutting all my hair off once, and though I loved it, it was a shock to do so much at once. I'd wished that I'd cut a big amount off, but left it a little longer than I'd planned…that way I could have always decided to do more later on if inclined. That's my advice anyway. I know you will look amazing with short hair. 🙂

  7. decorater4life

    Go For it!!!!!!Change is always good, believe me…. My hair was once just as long as yours now, and I totally went very close to the Mandy Moore cut, and never regreted it one bit… Hair always grows back, so have fun with it!!!!! I know you will look Beautiful!!!!

    Michelle Torres

  8. margie

    waiting for the photo!! you will feel free, i guarantee it. i have thick, heavy hair and for 58 years i battle it daily. drying my hair is in itself a chore. recently i was convinced by a new hairdresser to drastically thin out my hair. i have left my husband and married her. lol.

  9. Anonymous

    Mandy's cut would look really cute on you. Just grow it back out once the babe hits like 4 – as to not prematurely/ever rock a perpetual soccer-mom bob.
    P.s. coming to mi anytime between mar. 4 and 13?

  10. Gaby

    I think it really depends on your hair; I have really thick, puffy hair and it just won't do a short hair cut (I've tried). But for people whose hair lays relatively flat, or hair that is really curly I think short looks fab. So I say go for it! What's the worst thing that can happen? You'll have to grow it out, not so bad.

  11. Christine Chitnis

    thank you for all of your encouragement…i think i am going to go for it! i will post the resulting pictures tomorrow, let's hope i'm not in tears!

    oh jb…your comment totally cracked me up. worried about me rocking the soccer mom bob…i hear you! that is my greatest fear!

    you headed back to mi in march before you ship out? we might have to come and see you! you know me…any excuse to go home!

    miss you

  12. becca ann

    i think that you should go for it…hair matches our life stage. i like to go short and then let it grow out and then go short again. it's nice to have a rhythm. you'll looke lovely!

  13. lauren

    you would look FAB with the mandy moore hairstyle! 🙂 i have been so tempted to get a similar cut, but could never pull it off! i definitely think that you can! do it and enjoy it!!! 🙂

  14. Beth

    I can't believe i'm saying this but…do it! As a victim of baby vijays hair pulling – a new fun look is not only a good idea, it is completely necessary.

  15. Kristianna

    THe one thing about short hair is that yes, you spend less time each day to style it if it's cut right, but you will have to ensure you trim it often enough. Then you'll have more of a mess, and one you can't tie up. Enjoy, either way! 🙂


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