The Little ManI can’t believe the week is already drawing to a close. Where exactly did the time go? Well…I have one guess! The little one is entering an extreme “mommy phase” where he wants to be held, but only by me. Have any of you moms out there experienced this? The Little Man I’m so bad…I can’t help but indulge him even when I know I shouldn’t…and so days just seems to evaporate as we spend time cuddling and cooing. When I am rewarded with a smile…the aching back and growing to-do list just don’t seem to matter!
The Little Man Have a great weekend. Stay warm all you New Englanders…we are up to our ears in snow around these parts!

12 thoughts on “Friday?

  1. Kellen


    The wonderful part is that you can't spoil that little one right now. You are his constant these days. Plus, you have the good milk. I found that a sling or carrier is the best for these times. Then he is close and you can still get a few things done… know like knitting, sewing, all the important things. Dishes will wait, this I know. He is darling!

  2. spidarnevi

    I think you should get all the cuddle in that you can before he grows up. I know if I had those gorgeous brown eyes imploring me to pick him up, I'd never get anything done. He is adorable!

  3. Beverly Cote

    Hi Christine!

    Your little Vijay is so adorable and beautiful! Congratulations! My Olivia turned 3 months old 3 days ago and she is definitely going through the same thing. But don't worry, my Dr said you cannot spoil them at all at this age so hold them as much as they want to be held. I do and Olivia is growing so much! A sign that she is a happy baby. 🙂 xo, Beverly

  4. Carol

    Hold while you can….I loved our sling for those times when it wasn't exactly convenient to be holding a baby but you don't have an option. My son is three now and those times of wanting to be held are fleeting rapidly!

  5. about a fox

    oh my god– does he look JUST like his papa, or what?!!!

    too adorable.

    Tell him to STOP growing until I get back down there to hold him (and he better let me hold him or I will cry).
    xxoo, E

  6. tippytoe foxtrot

    What a sugar plum! They grow up so fast. Don't ever think you can cuddle too much! My grandma always says babies are spoiled when they cry and their mamas pick them up. I heartily disagree with that kind of thinking. Go love on that sweet baby, mama!

  7. Christine

    My babies are 20 and 17. The oldest never wanted to be held for long as a baby, now she will totally indulge me and sit on my lap for a good long time! The younger never wanted to be put down and now I can barely get a hug from the girl….go figure!
    Enjoy it…..


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