Snow Day

Snow DayOh…and what a snow day it was! Truly a magical kind of day. The kind of day where we only left the house for sustenance and more movies (and to shovel, of course).
Snow Day Today, the snow is still piled high in billowy drifts on the side of the street and the sidewalks are completely covered in a white carpet. Not exactly stroller-friendly weather. So, into the Baby Bjorn the little man goes, for we have an afternoon adventure awaiting us…apartment hunting for a good friend who is making the move to Providence. We couldn’t be more excited! Snow Day For a peek at what our snowy day was like here in Providence, check out Erin’s video over at Reading my Tea Leaves. Too cool!
Snow Day Snow Day Snow Day

4 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Emily Price

    I love your blog! I love how you have such an appreciation for all beautiful things, and I really like the way you document them. Your blog is inspiring and i read it all the time. Thanks!


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