The Great Pantry Raid

The Great Pantry Raid: AfterWhat a great discussion going on over at my last post. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your comments- what an inspirational, insightful bunch you are! I love knowing there are so many other women out there doing their own thing, holding down the home front. On those days when the isolation gets to me, it helps to know I am not alone!The Great Pantry Raid: After Speaking of holding down the home front… there was a certain area of my house that needed some special attention, and yesterday, it finally demanded my time. Our pantry is right off the kitchen, in the stairwell leading to the back door. Because there is a door closing it off from the kitchen, it can easily become that “out of sight, out of mind” dumping ground.
Pantry: Before and After

Before and After

The Great Pantry Raid: AfterMy mission was to make our pantry organized and user-friendly, so that when I was running out to the grocery store, I could quickly assess what we need, and what we already have. I went through the piles of random things that had gathered in this space- tossing food that had expired, or been left open for far to long. Before you know it- everything was in its proper place.
The Great Pantry Raid: AfterI tried to use things I had laying around the house, such as empty clementine boxes, pretty baskets and empty jelly jars, to aid in the organizational effort.
The Great Pantry Raid: AfterI also used the extra space to store a box containing a wide variety of gift bags and packaging envelopes. I am always scrounging around trying to locate these things…now they are neatly organized in one area!
The Great Pantry Raid: AfterSo…nothing major here. No renovation project involving tearing down walls or jack-hammering through floors…but my goodness…it feels like an entirely new space! I always feel like I am living in a brand new home when I organize my closets and drawers and de-clutter. Am I a bit nutty, or do you ever feel the same way?
The Great Pantry Raid: After

10 thoughts on “The Great Pantry Raid

  1. Michael - Innkeeper

    i love that the interior of you pantry is painted orange. love it!

    i also appreciate that you used things you had to get organized … i'd run out and buy a bunch of things i really didn't need.

    tbanks for sharing! love your photos!

  2. Tania Martyns

    My name is Tania, I live in Brazil and met your blog recently.
    It is fascinating and inspiring.
    I do scrapboking and love photography, and your photos are beautiful and amazing.
    I would ask permission to use one of your photos (file: / / / C: / Documents% 20and% 20Settings/Administrador/Meus 20documentos/Meus%% 20v% C3% Addeo / My%% 20imagens/Minhas 20Imagens/Coisas % 20of% 20amo, Orchids / Coffee 20shop%% 20% 20% 20Flickr% 20 -% 20Photo% 20Sharing!. htm) in a scrapbooking page, if you will let me use it'll be very happy, but what you can not use I understand the photo.

    *Excuse the mistakes, I am using a translator online.

    Thank you for your attention,
    Hugs from Brazil.

  3. kathleen

    I totally understand that feeling! I cleaned out my daughter's bursting-at-the-seams craft cupboard today and you would think we put an addition on the house 🙂

  4. Aiden

    Yes! A new year, a fresh, clean look… we just sorted through all of the junk that had been cluttering our laundry room and oh my goodness, I feel revitalized. For the moment, doing the laundry doesn't seem like such a chore!

  5. Kiersten

    I agree – I always feel much better in a clean/organized area, and when I let my room (I'm a college student living in a dorm) get disorganized I absolutely can not concentrate – once it's cleaned up again, I feel like I'm in an entirely new place!
    <3 Kiersten

  6. Mahek

    Your blog is so good , I feel inspired when I read it and I just found it.. so I will be reading through your whole blog…
    I am from India and as you might be knowing space is at a premium here , we have tiny homes and lots of things to organize .. but blogs which inspire us to organize are great and I love to take tips from them..
    I see that you have frugally organized your pantry with all available material that's great!!!!
    Have you tried using some dollar shop or simple baskets which are very good for organizing cheap and efficient you could make various sections for different items .. and different baskets for different things …


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