Looking Forward

Festivities2010 was quite a year. If the past few years were devoted to mucking around in self-discovery, trying oh-so-hard to find my path, than this was the year that I saw it all come to fruition. For the first time in many years, I feel at peace. I appreciate everything that I have and I want for nothing. What a way to enter the New Year! FestivitiesAs we set the tables for the festivities of tonight (including the adorable “kids table”)- I can’t help thinking about resolutions. I am not really feeling the traditional ones this year- no weight loss goals or vows to cut out sugar. No, not this year. FestivitiesThis year I want to strive to keep on this path of contentment. I want to continue to enjoy every moment I spend with my little man. I want to continue to pursue work that I find to be inspiring and important. I want to continue to build a loving marriage (which I am finding to be especially important once a baby enters the picture!). I want to be appreciative of all of our many blessings and never, ever take them for granted.
My boyThat is what I wish for all of us this coming year- contentment and acceptance of where we are on our path. Thank you so much for joining me here this year. I treasure each and every comment, each and every visitor. I can’t wait to discover (along with all of you) what 2011 has in store for us! Happy New Year.
My boy

9 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. Beatriz

    This post is perfection. Your goals are beautiful and genuine. We should all strive for peace and contentment in all things!

    Happy New Year! And enjoy your celebration tonight. It looks beautiful!


  2. jeanine

    omg! christine. he is SO adorable. congratulations are LONG overdue on my part. i love your intentions for this year. and know that even though i take months to reply to emails and have been rather quiet in blog land this past year… i think of you often and am so happy to know that you are well. wishing you many magical moments in 2011. xoxoxo


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