Little Noses

The first cold The picture above pretty much sums up what we have been up to around these parts. The little guy has his very first cold, nothing serious, just a little case of the sniffles. A few saline drops and a couple of nights with the humidifier running on high and he will be back in top form. But I am a new mom…so I couldn’t let it be that simple. Nope…had to make a spur-of-the-moment trip to the pediatricians. When I called, I let them know that my little man was under the weather and I was worried it might be more serious than a little winter cold.
All smilesOf course he made a total liar out of his mama. When we got to the doctors, he was all smiles and giggles. Seriously, he couldn’t stop smiling…we’re talking ear to ear grinning. The doctor couldn’t help but laugh as he told me, “Umm, he seems just fine to me!”All smilesEither way…I think this case of the sniffles calls for extra rest and plenty of cuddling, so I will see you back here on Monday with some holiday baking stories and recipes to share. Have a fabulous wintry weekend and stay well!

4 thoughts on “Little Noses

  1. ~*eAlvi*~

    You have a beautiful baby. I'm a recent mom too.. mine's now almost 6 months old and I still get worried over the “little things”. Little Noses is fabulous, and so is Vicks too for babies, when you can't get the boogies out.

  2. Mama Llama

    Awww…poor little guy. And poor Mom, too. I remember when my son was that little and got his first cold. All I wanted was to make him feel better!

    I used saline drops, too, and I found that the best time to do it was when I was nursing him. He never even seemed to notice if I did it then.


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