Day Tripping

On the town with NinaYesterday I loaded my little one in the car, packed it to the brim with extra diapers and onesies (and all that other stuff you just might need on a day trip with a newborn) and headed to Boston to visit my friend Nina. The last time we had plans to spend the day together, I went into labor at 6am and obviously had to cancel…seems like a lifetime ago! Now here we are almost two months later, and I am introducing her to the new little man in my life.On the town with NinaAlthough it was overcast, the weather was unseasonably warm and we walked along the streets of Beacon Hill, which are simply charming when decked out in their holiday finest. The little man slept in the Bjorn on my chest the entire time…even through lunch, which was beyond scrumptious.
On the town with NinaOn the town with NinaNina and I exchanged small gifts…I made her a camera strap since she is a photography enthusiast. I love how it turned out (and so did she!). She gave the little one the cutest set of Eric Carle stroller cards…which will be perfect for his busy little hands one day soon.
On the town with NinaFinally the little guy woke up and proceeded to charm Nina (as he does with all the pretty ladies) with his perfect behavior.
On the town with Nina

(photo by Nina)

He quickly and discreetly fed, and then just looked around, taking in all of his new surroundings before drifting off to sleep again. All in all, an absolutely perfect day with one of my favorite friends!
On the town with Nina

(photo by Nina)

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