Lazy Mornings

Sunday Morning BreakfastI hope everyone in the States had a wonderful holiday weekend. We stayed put this year and our family came to Providence, which was such a treat!
Sunday Morning BreakfastYou’re going to think I’m completely crazy, but my favorite meal was not our Thanksgiving feast…it was Sunday morning breakfast. There is something so luxurious about Sunday morning breakfast when you don’t have to make it.
Sunday Morning BreakfastMy mom and dad ran out to Seven Stars Bakery and picked up bags of baked goods, which we cut in halves (so that we could sample more than one!) and served with piping hot coffee, yogurt, fresh fruit and grapefruit juice. It was such a relaxing morning and the perfect way to enjoy each others company before saying goodbye.
Sunday Morning BreakfastAnd of course there was a backgammon game or two thrown in for good measure (competition runs strong in our blood!).
Sunday Morning Breakfast

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