Baby boy blanketsIf you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know that I am a total textile and fabric junkie. Whenever I travel, I almost always bring back textile souvenirs. I have no more room in my house for pillows or blankets, and my fabric stash is overflowing, so when I found out I was pregnant, I felt like a whole new textile opportunity was presenting itself. Since most of my fabric stash was made up of pink, girly fabrics, I had the perfect excuse to buy some new fabric for the many projects I had in mind. Afternoon napI thought I would put together a little round-up of some of the blankets that I made, specifically, the ones that I have found to be most useful. I now realize that with a newborn, the more blankets the better. There are nights where, between leaky diapers and throw-up, we go through six blankets. So whether you are expecting, or need a baby shower gift, may I recommend the following:

Quilted playmat: I used Nani Iro fabric for the front, and an organic solid cotton for the back.

Swaddling blanket: You simply have to use double gauze for the front and flannel for the back…it makes the coziest blanket ever. This is the blanket that we used in the hospital and even the nurses commented on how great it was!

Quilt: Great for bundling up baby in the stroller on long walks.

Muslin swaddling blankets: I didn’t make ours, but you easily could. These are by far the best for tight, secure swaddling.

That’s my short list…do you have anything to add?

2 thoughts on “Swaddled

  1. Aura

    Such a beautiful little baby. I bookmarked a couple of these to make over the next few months before our little one gets here! Thanks for the ideas.


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