Newport: The First Overnight

NewportI’m excited to report that our first overnight was a success. The little man was on his very best behavior for our weekend getaway in Newport, Rhode Island. We were there to cheer on my husband, who was playing in a squash tournament (he won…had to take a moment to brag!), but we managed to take in the sights between games.
NewportWe stayed in a gorgeous hotel overlooking the coast. They were pretty posh digs, and we were definitely the only guests with children, let alone a one-month old infant, but he didn’t make a single peep as we dined in the elegant dining room for both dinner and brunch.
NewportIn fact…I am starting to think that these first months are the very best months for travel and dining out. He just sleeps…no running around or throwing food. As long as I can find a place to comfortably nurse, we are good to go!
NewportHe didn’t seem to notice the change in scenery…he was just happy as a little clam to be a part of the action!
First Trip

7 thoughts on “Newport: The First Overnight

  1. bluepoppy

    squeeeeeeeeeee oh, that last one is my favorite photo so far! You guys sure travel in STYLE, mama!

    and congrats to Vijay on his win! (am thinking he might have had to show your dinner companions his belly, non?



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