A Crafty Weekend

Crafting for the little oneThis weekend was devoted to Netflix and crafting…perfect combo if you ask me! I whipped up a set of felt blocks (inspired by Janine) which pretty much give away the little ones name!Crafting for the little oneHe is going to be named after his dad, which was actually my decision. I absolutely love the name Vijay…it is a nod to his Indian roots, yet easy to pronounce for his future teachers and friends. Every Hindu name has a meaning, and Vijay is no exception. It means VICTORY.
Crafting for the little oneI also knitted up this little hat…and with no baby to model it, I had to use this little piggy. While I was knitting, my husband came poking around, asking what I was making. When he felt the softness of the little hat, he decided he wanted one too. Could this be a cry for attention? I don’t know many grown men who would actually request a pom-pom hand knit hat from their wife…maybe I need to put down the needles and give him a little TLC before the baby arrives! You know men…
Crafting for the little one

9 thoughts on “A Crafty Weekend

  1. naturally nina

    Awwwww those blocks are ADORABLE! And ha ha, I can totally picture Daddy Vijay saying that 🙂 You guys are adorable.

    p.s. Can I come visit when baby arrives? I can be really helpful in addition to just staring at the little man.

  2. Malena

    haha. Guess Vijay does need some attention! 😉 And I like the name for your lil one. I didn't know the meaning, but it's very suitable!

    Sending you some Chi-town love. ❤

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