A Blessing

Udaipur PujaAs the birth draws closer, I find myself reflecting on my journey through pregnancy. It seems like a lifetime ago, but in March/April of this year, we were in India, and I was in my first trimester. It was a difficult trip because I was experiencing terrible morning sickness, and the (normally heavenly) smell of spicy curries was enough to send me running for the door.
Udaipur PujaBut it was a beautiful trip as well. We took time out of our busy travel schedule to have a puja (blessing) for our child. It was a long ceremony (2 hours!) and I didn’t understand what was being said…but I appreciated the beauty of the ancient rituals, and I was moved by the many offerings made on behalf of our baby.
Udaipur PujaI thought it might be fun to show you a few pictures of the ceremony… Let’s hope the blessing extends to the birth, which I am hoping will be healthy (and quick and painless too!).
Udaipur Puja Udaipur Puja Udaipur Puja Udaipur Puja Udaipur Puja

11 thoughts on “A Blessing

  1. gypsysticks

    I wish you and your husband every blessing and happiness. You are about to love someone more than you ever have before. It is such a tender and emotional moment when your first child is born. We can't wait to hear the good news and see pictures of your beautiful baby!

  2. Snap

    Beautiful! Mr. Dragon and I attended the wedding of a dear friend this summer. She is Chinese and he is Indian. She had a traditional Indian wedding and the puja was just beautiful She was stunning in her sari of gold and white. They also included the Chinese Tea ceremony. Thank you for sharing some of the puja blessing your babe.

  3. Annette

    A beautiful ceremony! Which diety is pictured? and what mudra were you doing in your left hand (when raised)?
    Many blessings and prayers for a safe, speedy delivery and for a healthy baby.

  4. rose

    Here's wishing you many blessings for you and your new baby. I love the ritual and ceremony; however, my favorite part is your mom's comment about never seeing the photos. That's family…keepin it real!


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