Catching my breath

Fall cornThis has been quite a week…between getting ready for the baby and closing in on my book deadline, I am feeling a bit buried. We took two classes this week at the hospital, a breastfeeding class and a hospital tour/birthing class. I finally feel like we would know what to do if I went into labor…and that is a good thing considering I am only four weeks away from my due date. We also had our 36 week ultrasound and the technician pointed out that our baby boy has very full, pouty lips (ala Angelina Jolie perhaps?). We thought that this was hysterical… It is so hard to guess what our baby will look like, as mixed-race babies (my husband is Indian) can fall anywhere in-between the fathers and mothers looks. I just can’t wait to meet this little guy!
Farmers marketIn other news…it’s fall and it’s October. When did this happen?

I noticed it the other day at the farmer’s market. There was an abundance of pumpkins and I’ll admit to being startled by their appearance. I guess fall slipped in while I was typing away, furiously trying to make my deadline. Hmmm…maybe I should look up a bit more often and notice the beauty of this new season. That’s the plan for this weekend!

4 thoughts on “Catching my breath

  1. Brittany

    the last few weeks before having a baby are sooooooo exciting. soooo anticipatory. i love the pouty-lip thing! that's awesome!
    are you going to do anything for halloween this year, or do you think you'll skip it?

  2. Sher

    My husband is also Indian, and I'm from Michigan like you. We have 3 children. Many people have told us that children with parents like us get the best of both sides. We still haven't quite figured out how, but one of our daughters even has blue eyes. Your little boy will be beautiful!


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