That Magical Place We Call Vermont

Weekending in VermontShould I let you in on a secret…the most amazing little tucked away town in New England? It’s the town of Waitsfield in the Mad River Valley of Vermont, and I was lucky enough to spend the weekend there, covering an incredible art event. Of course, I wish I could show you all of the amazing images I have from artist studios, galleries and events…but alas, those will have to wait. What I can show you is the amazing scenery… Weekending in Vermont…the lovingly maintained old barns and carefully cultivated gardens…Weekending in VermontWeekending in Vermont…tucked away secret tree forts (my little brother would have loved this one!)
Weekending in Vermont…the amazing sense of community that I experienced when I attended the town barbecue, held in an open air barn strung with twinkling lights.
Weekending in VermontSo besides lapping up the gorgeous scenery and enjoying the local scene, what else did I spend my time doing? Eating…I pretty much ate my way through the entire state, one grilled pizza, one homemade donut, at a time. Weekending in Vermont American Flatbread, Waitsfield Let me tell you ladies, they grow them pretty darn cute in Vermont….American Flatbread, Waitsfieldand by that I meant the farm animals, of course! I hope your weekend was filled with beauty and plenty of good cooking! I’ll be back tomorrow to show you around my favorite spots in Burlington…stay tuned for an incredible fabric and yarn shop, and, of course, a great bakery!
Weekending in Vermont

11 thoughts on “That Magical Place We Call Vermont

  1. Amber

    GORGEOUS blog!! I HATE that I found your blog (by googling 'crafting area' haha) right before bed because now I should be going to sleep and I really really want to explore more of your photos & posts! ARRGH!

    I'll be back tomorrow for sure 😉 Can't wait!

  2. Michelle Shopped

    mmm, fave places in burlington start with memories of my sweet little house at 75 northview drive on the bike path, followed by the intervale, the possibility shop, fletcher free library, beansies bus in the summer time, the farmer's market (of course!), city market, fleming museum, single pebble and well, by now you must get the picture — the list is endless…it was my home sweet home for so long and i have yet to get over leaving…

  3. Karen L R

    have you been to hardwick, vt? such an amazing agriculture story. and i'm guessing you were at yestermorrow?

    now i HAVE to find nido next time i'm up in b-town.

    vermont is a very special place.

    loved this post.

  4. Colleen

    Wow, this post makes me want to book a ticket right now and leave this brutal Texas heat. Thank you for sharing! I live vicariously through your photos.

  5. whoopsiedaisiesgal

    Oh! I'm in Texas too – and it is absolutely miserably HOT! I've always wanted to visit New England – it's on my list. Your post confirms that I would love it.
    Think I could handle some of that pizza right about now – does it come with the cute, urm, uh, ….pizza oven?

  6. Lisette Elise Paris

    I actually live in Waitsfield…you should visit Vershire, which is so beautiful – some of my family still live there, and we call it “Home”.


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