Cape Cod Thank you so much for all of your well wishes last week in regards to the chicken battle. The ordinance meeting went very well, and I delivered my speech despite my nerves. The council was very receptive and asked only for a few more specifications to the language of the ordinance, and it will go back to vote tonight. So keep those fingers crossed. Once it passes the ordinance committee, it will then have to pass two votes in the city council…but I have to be honest…it looks very promising!Oyster farming However, the day after the meeting, The Providence Journal ran another article on our chicken crusade, with a big picture of me (looking super serious!), and once I read the comments, I thought about going into the witness protection program. People are so vicious, uneducated and hateful when it comes to this subject…it’s really quite bizarre. Luckily, no opposition bothered to show up at the meeting!Oyster farming We did manage to escape this weekend without entering witness protection…I was covering a few markets on Cape Cod. We stayed with friends, and knowing my interest in all things local food related, they took us out to the bay to show us how oysters and clams are farmed.Oyster farmingIt was fascinating to hear about the seeding process and how the oysters spend the winter hibernating in root cellars when the bay ices over. It’s one of those things you just don’t think about…where did that oyster on your plate come from? Who ventured out into the waters to retrieve your dinner? Oyster farmingAs I write this book, and meet a wide variety of farmers, my respect for their work continues to increase. The dedication, perseverance, creativity and flexibility that it takes to be a farmer is simply mind boggling.
Oyster farmingBecause our friends happened to be friends with the oyster farmer, Jimmy, he let us take home fresh oysters for dinner that night (none for me, of course). I think my husband ate about 2 dozen! I hope your weekend was just as delicious!Oyster farmingOyster farming

8 thoughts on “Hiding

  1. Katie from Interrobangs Anonymous

    I live in one of Colorado's biggest cities, and we're allowed to have chickens. I've never heard neighbors complaining, they're not smelly, and whenever there is a problem it's promptly taken care of for everyone's health and safety. And remember, statistics have shown that only 5% of people who read anything online will comment on it. Those aren't everyone's opinions.

  2. naturally nina

    ugh people are *so* mean. it's crazy! sorry, sweetie.

    but i stand by the fact that you are the cutest pregnant woman on the planet. serious or not. (although serious is good when you're passionate about something.)

  3. erin

    so, so hopeful. sorry i wasn't in providence to cheer you on. a friend in my grad program is working on a plan to re-introduce oyster farming in westport, ma. fascinating work!

  4. Megan

    Hi Christine!
    I'm sorry about all the mean comments. Providence in general is a tough crowd. My Dad grew up in the area and he was scared for me when I lived there for a few years. It's so much nicer now than back in the day though! It's true, most of the people who complain don't even bother to get educated on the subject and usually aren't even the ones affected in any way by the plans. Remember that it's not personal and these people like to complain when their own insecurities rise to the surface. As soon as this is decided on, it will all blow over and most of those people will forget all about it. It's funny how none of them came to the meeting. Proves the point that they don't care that much. Good for you on fighting for what you want and believe. Too many people have become so passive complacent.
    P.S. Serious is good. If you looked cheerful and smiley, it would tick those people off even more! haha!

  5. cutlinecrafts

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and your chickens! I've noticed that people are super nasty/racist/horrible on my newspaper's web site. Must be a sad life if you just sit around being mean all day.

  6. becca ann

    i have a deep and abiding love for chickens and farming. i lived in a major city center and it took some convincing, but i was able to get the neighborhood to embrace chickens and a community garden. we taught gardening to local youth. it's totally worth it and your incredible passion and poise that is so apparent in your writing/photography will surely win the authorities over.

    keep on keepin on girl!


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