Portland Architectural Salvage

Portland Architectural SalvageI promised to share the most amazing store ever today…so here we go. If you have ever had a dream of finding the perfect old building and lovingly restoring it to the coolest house ever (okay, yes I have dreamed that dream) than this is the store for you. Portland Architectural SalvagePortland Architectural Salvage is four floors of every kind of salvaged good you can imagine, from bathtubs to fireplace mantels, bed frames to kitchen sinks…this store has everything. I found the perfect farmhouse kitchen sink, an amazing iron bed frame, several drool-worthy chairs and a breathtaking carved wooden fireplace mantel.
Portland Architectural SalvageYou could literally outfit a house from top to bottom with the finds here…right down to vintage details such as old doorknobs and light switch plates.
Portland Architectural SalvagePortland Architectural SalvageI restrained myself from going crazy…I mean, really, what was I going to do with that farmhouse sink, and how exactly was it going to fit in my two-door car?
Portland Architectural SalvageBut I did make one purchase…something for the nursery. Oh, I can barely wait to show you…but, alas, it will have to wait for another day!
Portland Architectural Salvage

6 thoughts on “Portland Architectural Salvage

  1. Amie

    This looks amazing!! I wish they had places like this is Southern California, that weren't terribly overpriced. Damn the cost of living here!!

  2. Camille

    Our closest store like this is Restore (habitat for humanity). My advice is to buy what you like, you will always find a place for it! also buy a minivan, that way , you can take it all home, remove all the back seats , and away you go!

  3. LLH Designs

    Oh my goodness! I go to Maine every summer and have never even heard of this place! We fly into Portland and zip right up the coast (just g ot back from a month up there). I'll have to check this place out next summer for sure!

    Thanks for sharing!


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