Touching Down

It is always difficult returning from vacation, especially when your vacation includes sunsets such as these…
Torch Lake and long days spent lounging on the dock, getting up only to enjoy a leisurely sail on the Hobie Cat… Torch Lake and outdoor dining in the charming lakeside town of Traverse City…
Traverse City dinner Traverse CityTraverse City and perhaps most importantly, living in your swimsuit when you are 6 months pregnant and prone to overheating…6 months...and countingYup…I am already missing the cottage something terrible, and we just arrived home.
Yard in bloomBut somehow, coming home didn’t really feel like “coming home,” if you know what I mean! Does that make any sense at all?
Torch Lake

11 thoughts on “Touching Down

  1. Noël

    Your vacation looks like it was just beautiful & relaxing! Thank you for sharing such lovely photos! Your bathing suit is adorable… I don't blame you for spending as much time as possible wearing it!

  2. KT Mac

    Ohhh, you managed to make me miss my Michigan even more! Sounds like you had a lovely vacation. Your pictures of the classic Lake Michigan sunsets are stunning, but the picture of pregnant you is even more beautiful!

  3. stephanie levy

    so happy to have discovered your blog today Christine 🙂 your photographs and words are beautiful!

    and Michigan really is gorgeous – I had no idea, thanks for sharing!

    congratulations on your upcoming birth and I agree, that swimsuit is adorable and you look radiant in it!

  4. Michele

    you make me miss being pregnant (well most of it anyway) – especially with such cute togs (swimmers/bathing suit)
    Can I ask where is it from?

  5. Nikki Garrigan

    Looks like fun in the sun! Is the dining at Amical? I miss their sunday brunch! Everyone I talked to said that the film festival was a good one this year. You look gorgeous!


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