Baby Steps

Nursery drawer pullsSo I might have oversold my “nursery update,” because although I feel like I have accomplished quite a bit…there is not much to show for it! I am at the gathering stage…picking up things here and there, starting to pull together my color scheme and such. I found these amazing drawer pulls at Anthropologie, and they will be used to spice up the Pottery Barn changing table that I bought off Craigslist for an incredible steal! I am also going to make my own basket covers for the changing table. I think the end result will be a very colorful, eclectic looking piece.
Next, I decided on a paint color and bought a tester. I splashed it on the walls and simply loved the color…it is the PERFECT blue.
Nursery colorWhen I was in Philadelphia, I bought some beautiful fabrics at Spool. These will be used for making flags, soft blocks and many other nursery projects. They perfectly match the paint color and drawer pulls!
Nursery fabricYesterday, I picked up a glider which I found on Craigslist… But am I content to let it be? No way. I am going to reupholster the cushions in a fun print, which has yet to be determined! And here is where I begin to dance, and celebrate the joys of Craigslist. The kind and generous mama that sold me the changing table also gave me (completely free of charge) two bags of baby clothes, from infant to 24 months. They are adorable, clean and in perfect shape. We are talking Polo and Gap brands here. AMAZING.
The joys of craigslist My favorite item of the bunch…these too-cute-for-words shoes. Can you imagine the tiny toes that will fit in here? The joys of craigslist Well, that’s all for now. Next week we will paint, and soon after that, I feel like things will start coming together in a big way. Exciting!

10 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. lauren

    your nursery is going to be out of this world!! totally unique and so full of love! i can't wait to 'watch' it all come together!! 🙂

  2. Amie

    How exciting! And how nice of that wonderful woman for giving you all of her old baby clothes!

    I can't wait to see how everything turns out.

  3. Anonymous

    I love the way the universe provides just what you are hoping for sometimes- especially when it's the best ever pair of whale robies.
    Congratulations on your awesome score!

    – Rebecca


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