Whirlwind Weekend

IMG_6352Whew…I am totally wiped after this weekend, which found us road-tripping to Greenwich, CT and back through Boston, hitting FOUR markets along the way. A few craft markets and a few farmers’ markets (where I was thrilled to see the season’s first STRAWBERRIES!) were on the itinerary. It is a funny feeling, not being able to share more than a few fruit and veggie shots with you, considering the fact I took over 300 pictures! However, discretion must be used as the very best pictures and experiences will be saved for my book!IMG_6342 Anyway, was anyone else pleasantly surprised by their farmers’ market this weekend? What delicious dishes do you have in store for your fresh produce? Our berries haven’t made it into a single recipe…we keep eating them plain, by the bowl-full. Ah yes, summer is almost here!

5 thoughts on “Whirlwind Weekend

  1. Hodge Podge

    i got the best tomatoes! the first ones for me this season. i also stocked up on eggs, radishes, and shitake mushrooms that i used in red curry over the weekend.

  2. Marianne

    finally got a hold of my own copy of Artful Blogging and got to read your article. Loved it. Yeah for our farmer's market in little Birmingham, Mi. I think you should come for a weekend and photograph it and include it in your book! Any way to get you home!!! xoxo Mom

  3. LLH Designs

    I just took photographed some gorgeous produce at our local market yesterday! The organic blackberries were divine with vanilla ice cream!

    Love the name of your blog!


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