On the Road Again

Grand Bazaar, IstanbulLast week was so unbelievably busy that I didn’t even have a chance to blog about our travel plans. Yes…we are on the road again. This time landing in Istanbul, Turkey. Now…before you start thinking that perhaps I am really an international spy, let me explain. Much of the travel that we do is for my husband’s work, but in order to keep his work confidential, I rarely mention it. But…that should help clear up the fishy issue of our bulging passports!Grand Bazaar, IstanbulAnyway, Friday night we flew out of Boston to Munich, and from there to Istanbul, arriving late in the afternoon on Saturday. We spent Sunday in the company of friends, and made sure to get to bed nice and early (jet lag is a killer). This morning I headed off to the Grand Bazaar, an indoor marketplace full of touristy kitsch and the occasional treasure.
Grand Bazaar, IstanbulThe only thing that really caught my eye were these gorgeous Turkish ceramics, of which I bought a set of ice cream bowls. Aren’t the colors just so rich and lovely? Grand Bazaar, Istanbul Grand Bazaar, IstanbulAfter that touristy scene, I headed out into the streets, wandering around until I found the perfect kebab place to stop for lunch. While strolling, the Muslim call for prayer rang out and surprised me with its volume. It was only when I looked up that I realized I was surrounded on all sides by beautiful mosques…all with their speakers blaring.
Mosque, IstanbulJust take a look…the skyline is covered with the speaker towers of mosques…simply amazing.
Istanbul skylineThe architectural details on each mosque are just incredible. I especially loved this jade green window…what beautiful, intricate carvings.
Mosque windowSo tonight, the plan is to have a leisurely dinner on the bank of the Bosphorus River. I am just loving the Mediterranean cuisine, which is (besides kebabs) heavily vegetarian. Think delicious stuffed grape leaves, rice, grilled vegetables, stuffed eggplant and heavenly salads, dressed with pomegranate molasses.
Istanbul So there you have…that is where I disappeared to! I promise many more posts from Istanbul, including a tour of a to-die-for textile shop tomorrow. Stay tuned!

11 thoughts on “On the Road Again

  1. Lulu

    wow you're so lucky! but i must admit feeling pretty lucky myself, getting to look at all your beautiful photos and hear about the wonderful places you visit!

  2. Jennifer

    Oh, my goodness!! I LOVE those bowls!! I would have bought all that I could possibly carry and/or mail back home. They're beautiful!!


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