New England Readers: Your Help Is Needed

I am working on a huge project right now, and I need your help! If you live in any of the six New England states– Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut or Massachusetts– I have two questions for you, feel free to answer one or both with as much or little detail as you wish:

1. What is your favorite farmers’ market in your state and why?

2. Are there any outstanding craft shows or art events that take place in your state?

Feel free to leave your responses in the comment section, or shoot me an email at I REALLY appreciate your help!!

20 thoughts on “New England Readers: Your Help Is Needed

  1. gileadgoats

    Centrak VT – My favorite farmers market is the Norwich Farmer's Market – they have everything from produce and cheese, baked goods, meats, yogurt, honey and maple syrup, to hand made jewelry, furniture, instruments, yarn, clothing…everything really. And it's all in a lovely setting, with live music. They also have a winter's market once a month, which is a favorite snowy day activity. I also love my local Bethel farmer's market, but it's just starting out and not quite as varied, but good. I'm fortunate that where I live I can hit a farmer's market almost any day of the week.
    My favorite festival type thing would have to be the VT Sheep & Wool Festival in October. Or the Northeast Animal Powered Field Days, also in October, both are held at the Tunbridge Fair Grounds.

  2. Anonymous

    Not really a farmer's market per se but Bishop's Orchard in Guilford, CT is fantastic. They grow their own fruits and have pick your own as well. And there are llamas aka unicorns without horns. And to keep with the Guilford theme, I've always enjoyed the Guilford Craft Expo.

    Can you tell where I grew up?

  3. Cowgirl Goods

    Berwick, ME Every small town around here has amazing farmers market. The big one's are in Portsmouth,NH and York, ME. But you can find one going on every Wed or Sat around here. As for great art/crafts shows Lindsay is right that show is wonderful. There is a little show in South Berwick, ME put on by local woman artist at Christmas and it is a favorite of many.

  4. Brenda

    SW NH — I have checked out most of the farmer's markets in the Monadnock region, and I have to say that Keene, NH has the best farmer's market for produce. However, Brattleboro, VT has a wider selection and much better atmosphere. It is set up like a miniature fair with a may pole and musicians in the center. They have produce, plants, soap, pottery, handmade bags and jewelry, massage chairs, and food vendors.

    We go to both regularly.

  5. Carolyn

    Vermont: The Burlington Farmers Market is really great in the summer… Saturday morning and afternoon, City Hall Park gets packed with more than 50 vendors and crafters and it's fun to just wander, let alone shop 🙂
    And I haven't been yet, but I'm very excited about the Queen City Craft Bazaar, which has really quirky “indie crafts”!

  6. Meridian Hardy Family

    I live in Idaho now, but spent six years in the Boston area. Hands down my favorite farmers market is the Tuesday evening market in Newton. It operates the 1st Tuesday after the 4th of July through the end of October. Located at Cold Spring Park 1200 Beacon Street. Especially the mushroom lady. She is the best there is.

  7. whitney

    Waitsfield, VT- we have a great farmer's market- as do most of the surrounding towns. We have a craft fair labor day weekend, but have a festival of the arts in August that is great.

  8. diana

    brimfield antique flea market in brimfield mass is
    fantastic…you can spend the whole day finding treasures. be sure to bring a truck or a car as you will
    fill it to the brim, hence the name…BRIM..field!

  9. jenn

    I'm in Bar Harbor, Maine. Weekly farmer's markets on Sundays in the YMCA parking lot and Wednesdays in the Reel Pizza parking lot. (I think they start up in late May and run through September.) There's a craft fair on the Village Green in July, and the Directions Craft Fair is a juried (or is it invitation only? not sure, sorry) show/sale. The Chamber of Commerce can give details on this year's schedule.

  10. jenn

    Oh, and the Common Ground Fair is in September, and although it has livestock and green-living areas it also has a sizable and very high-quality craft portion. It's especially good for fiber arts, as lots of spinners, knitters and weavers go. Great place to find wool that is hand-carded, hand-spun, and hand-dyed in natural materials.

    My god I sound like the Chamber of Commerce!

  11. Amy

    In CT, the Coventry Farmer's Market has an amazing group of exhibitors. Everything from veggie to eggs to meat to clothing to soap to European pastries. It runs from June to October.

    The Fine Arts and Craft Festival at the Roseland Cottage in Woodstock is full of talented people and a variety of genres. It's juried so the quality is nice too. It is in early October. Plus the cottage and gardens are lovely.

  12. Anonymous

    Columbia, CT
    1) Best Farmer's Marekt is Coventry CT.
    2) Farmington Antiques & Design Weekend – held every year at the Farmington, CT Polo Grounds.


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