Colorful Yarn Votives

Colorful Yarn Votive TutorialI love decorating my rustic farmhouse kitchen table with different arrangements for each season. Do you remember this votive project from the winter months? Well, I have come up with its spring-time counterpart!

Tools and Materials:
-Rinsed and dried glass jars
-Hot glue gun
-Needle and thread
-ScissorsColorful Yarn Votive Tutorial Step 1: Start by collecting an assortment of interesting jars, carefully rinsed and dried. Pick out complementary yarn colors, which can be as few as one, or as many as you desire. The thickness and material do not matter.

Step 2: Decide where you would like the yarn to begin (somewhere near the top of the jar), and put a small dab of hot glue. Quickly press the end of your yarn into the glue droplet and wait for it to dry. Begin wrapping your yarn tightly around the jar. If you want to switch colors, simply end one color by sticking its end to the jar with a drop of glue, and begin the next color in the same manner. For the best results, start and end your yarn on the same side of the jar…this will be the “back” of the votive.Colorful Yarn Votive Tutorial Step 3: Once the yarn “cozy” is complete, decide how you would like to accessorize the “front” of the votive. I kept mine simple with a few felt roses and leaves. To create a felt rose, cut a 2 inch circle of felt, and cut it into a spiral. Begin rolling your spiral from the outside and keep rolling until you reach the end. Secure with a needle and thread. Attach your rose and leaves to the votive with a dab of hot glue. Make sure to hold them in place until the glue has dried.Colorful Yarn Votive Tutorial Place a tea light inside your votive and enjoy a colorful, candlelit tabletop!

18 thoughts on “Colorful Yarn Votives

  1. Lulu

    these are so cute! your blog is full of so much amazing inspiration. thank you for posting all of these wonderful tutorials and whatnot =] they really make me happy!

  2. lona

    Aren't you afraid that the jar will get very hot and ruin the yarn, or at worst, catch on fire? I'm always fearful of having flammable material near flames. Your idea is great for storage jars, just not voltive candles.

  3. Christine Chitnis

    Hi Lona…I appreciate your concern for fire safety, but Laura's response was spot-on. I have found that tea lights do not get hot enough to pose a problem. I would certainly not recommend using anything larger than a tea light!

    Hope that helps!

  4. Rachel

    i love the idea of wrapping yarn around the bottles! seriously – i have been collecting old bottles for my wedding for months now, and couldnt figure out exactly what i wanted to do – spray paint them? wrap twine around the tops? but, now i am going to look into this as an idea. awesome!!

  5. rachel awes

    these are soooo pretty.
    love the colors.
    i found your blog
    through artful blogging today.
    my heart was struck by
    that elephant is AMAZING.
    & i had a recent posting
    about gorgeous henna
    on a little girl's hands/arms…
    (a sweet connection with you!).
    best & brightest & warmest
    sunshine your way, rachel


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