The Greening of Providence

SpringWhen we returned from India, I was beyond excited to find that Providence had fully embraced spring. Cherry blossoms were bursting forth from every yard, our forsythia bush was in full bloom, adding a delightful spot of yellow to the backyard…and this strange little pink flowering plant seemed to come out of nowhere to grace our side yard. I can see it from my kitchen window while I am cooking and it makes me immensely happy! I clipped a small branch to bring indoors.
More travel loot!Other bits of springy greens and blues can be found in my new earrings, which I bought while we were in India. I can’t wait for a fancy occasion to don those green chandeliers!

I hope your weekend has plenty of spring-time blooms in store for you…here’s wishing you a great one!

9 thoughts on “The Greening of Providence

  1. gigi

    It looks like those pink flowers are from a quince bush. My parents have one in their backyard and I grew up loving those pretty pink flowers. I love the colors of spring!

  2. Susan D

    It definitely is a quince — Texas Scarlet, I think. If it is something you might want to prune,
    make sure you do that right after the flowers go, otherwise, if you wait until fall you will cut off all flower buds for next spring.

  3. gwen

    those earrings are gorgeous, and i think you could wear the chandeliers any old time with some plainish clothes [T and skirt or jeans?] if you're not going for all fancy.


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