Mumbai and Onwards

Mumbai slumsHappy Easter to all! I am so out-of-sorts with my timing here that I almost forgot it was Easter…yikes! I am a bit sad to miss out on Easter crafting, egg dying and Sunday mass with the family…but somehow, I will live!Slums in the shadows of MumbaiAnyway, it has been a whirlwind couple of days here…from the mountains of Shimla to the sweltering streets of Mumbai, and now coming down to rest in Udaipur. Like so much of India, Mumbai is a city of great contrast. The skyline seems to rise out of the slums.
MumbaiAnd yet the architecture is beautiful, as is much of the landscaping. I was surprised at how green of a city it was, with gorgeous flowers in bloom on every apartment balcony. The city is a bit European in its layout…
Hanging Garden, Mumbaiand yet so distinctly Indian in its people!Mumbai

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