Old Delhi

Old Delhi We’re here and it’s hot…that about sums up the trip thus far! Compared to the gentle heat of our December/January visit, it is now oppressive, hot and sticky here, which makes it a bit harder to leave the comfort of the car and hotel! Not that I was about to let a little bit of heat hold me down.
Old DelhiAfter sightseeing yesterday and a looong sleep to try and shake the jet-lag, we spent this afternoon in Old Delhi. I feel like I am just now getting back into the Indian groove, adjusting to the crowds, noise and smells.
Old DelhiI can’t believe I didn’t take more notice of the notions stalls last time we were here…the ribbons, beads, tassels and trimmings are just amazing (see first picture). I am going to need to stock up this time! Can you imagine the craft possibilities!?
Old DelhiAlright, off the lunch…tandoori fish and fresh-off-the-grill naan…jealous!?! Old Delhi New Delhi

9 thoughts on “Old Delhi

  1. Marianne

    Oh Sissy, I so miss being there w/ you and pouring over our pictures each day after touring! Please post more pictures and tell us what and where each one is! Have a great time and soak it all up so you can tell me every detail!
    love, Mom


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