Taking Off!

Udaipur portrait It seems odd that I have not yet announced this, as it is pretty big news…tomorrow, we take off for India for a two and a half week trip! This has been in the works for quite some time now, but after the robbery, I decided to approach my announcements about going away a bit differently. I wanted to wait until the person watching our home moved in, and everything was locked down, alarmed, and secure!

So tomorrow morning, we will drive to New York, where we catch a non-stop flight to Delhi. While in India, we will be visiting Delhi, Mumbai, Shimla, Udaipur, Jaipur and Agra. I will be blogging the entire time, sharing my pictures and stories just as I did on our last trip, so I do hope you will follow along!

Please wish us safe travels…I can hardly wait for my second India adventure to begin!

18 thoughts on “Taking Off!

  1. Amie

    So jealous…I've got the travel bug more than ever! But we have no money, so no travel for me for a loooong time. 😦

    Eat some bomb indian food for me!

  2. joana soares

    I wish you a wonderful and safe trip Christine!
    can`t wait to see your wonderful photos and little tales, like those that have captured my heart last time!

  3. Susan

    Wishing you a safe and wonderful trip. I feel like I travel through you and your beautiful pictures and words. Thanks for taking us along!

  4. baukje

    Wow, what a beautiful photos. I did not look on your blog for a while, so I just read about the robbery. What an awful experience….. I can imagne that you were shocked and so angry.
    It's good to be away for a moment in a so beautiful country!!!!

  5. lets

    awesome…enjoy Bombay i lived there for the first 23 years of my life. its an awesome place after Goa of course.


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