A Mighty Fine Swap

SwapAs you well know, I love participating in swaps…whether it is a journal swap, recipe swap or craft swap…sign me up! So when my blogging buddy, Fanciful Alice, announced her swap a few months back, I eagerly threw my name in the hat. I was particularly excited because this swap was international, and my partner from Portugal happened to be extremely crafty and talented. After a few international mail snafus, her package finally arrived last week, and much to my delight, every single item was beyond perfect.Swap I tore through the brown box and inside, carefully nestled in a bed of colorful paper, was a beautiful purple box, which slid open to reveal little compartments, each containing a treasure. There was gorgeous artisan chocolate, and organic chocolate soap (which I am pretty sure I would have eaten if I hadn’t carefully examined the label), a breathtaking amethyst necklace, a handmade music box, a print of one of her drawings and a colorful potholder.
Amethyst necklaceWhen I wrote my enthusiastic thank-you note to Joana, she explained a bit of the background of the items. “There is a history in the necklace… The stone – the amethyst and the dry leaf behind it, both have crossed the ocean two times, from Brazil to Portugal and from Portugal to America. I have had that amethyst in my home for about 4 years… and I always wanted to use it in something, but never found the perfect reason. I think she has chosen you! She will bring you good energies… she is special!”Handmade Music BoxAnd the music box…oh the music box! This quickly became my favorite piece, and it now sits on my nightstand, where I like to crank its tiny handle in the morning to hear its soft, tinkling tune. Joana explained, “The music box was actually made by me and my husband. He did that fabulous metal-work! It is team work!” Handmade Music Box Pot HolderI feel so lucky to be on the receiving end of this heartfelt, thoughtful bundle of handmade joy! Thank you Joana, and Alice…for arranging such a fantastic swap!
Kitchen Drawing

6 thoughts on “A Mighty Fine Swap

  1. Alice

    ahhh, I absolutely knew you would not be disappointed by Joana's present. She is truly talented and thoughtful and lovely… And my what a beautiful post in which to share your parcel. I am happy to have connected you both x

  2. Christine Chitnis

    Hi Andrea…I wish I could show you what I sent, but I must have had a brain lapse when i was putting together my package for the swap because (GASP)…I didn't take any pictures. So sorry 😦

  3. Alice

    Andrea – maybe you could share on your blog 😉 I for one would love to see what gorgeous pressies you received from Christine!


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