Where I’ve Been

Newest Quilt This is where I’ve been…squirreled away in my studio planning, cutting and sewing. I finally decided on a pattern, which I kind of made up after seeing a few quilt that I liked. Basically, the colored squares are 6×6 and the linen squares are 6×2. Nothing fancy, but I am really loving it!
Newest QuiltObviously, there is still work to be done, like sewing together all of these strips, picking out a backing, and trim. Whew…but I am taking a break to sit back and enjoy my progress!
Newest Quilt

19 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been

  1. Sara Jane

    Very cute! You can never go wrong with pink in my opinion! I just finished cutting all the squares yesterday for my first quilt I'm making for my daughter. Wanted to sew today but the foot to my machine seems to of walked off…

    Love the blog! =]

  2. barbara durham

    I have many FQ`s saved up. could you give me an idea of how many I need to make a king size quilt?

  3. norene cline

    i dont know you but have pieced for yearsit is beauful keep up the work an it is rellaxing to do im not a good speller butany way keep it up it takes a lot for a king size quilt make it smaller the frist time an do a scrapie quilt so you can use all kind of colors maybe friend an family wiil help you by giving you so material it fun i will send you some pieces if you do an you can grage sale an an thing to finde more an it will have a story to tell look for a quilt club to join to i belong to one for about 20 some years so much fun an help lov from a quilter friend norene

  4. Connie Fluesmeier

    I wouldn’t mind using this pattern for a baby quilt. Does anyone know about how much fabric it would take?

  5. Grace

    Oh my goodness what a beautiful quilt. How could I get the measurments for this quilt. I would love to make it for my niece who is having her baby next month. Thnk you and God bless


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