Could it be?

Could it be? Let me give you a little rundown of the weather today- freezing cold, stop-and-start flurries, and bone chilling wind. Any yet…I walked out of my front door this morning and found this little beauty timidly pushing her way through the frost-bitten earth.

I did a little happy dance right there on my front lawn. There is hope, spring is just around the corner now. I needed to see this…I needed a sign to let me know that this dreary season is coming to an end. Can I get an AMEN!?

10 thoughts on “Could it be?

  1. Kristin

    One more, AMEN!!! I may just have to go out and dig up snow where I know my little crocuses are most likely trying to make an appearance!

  2. joana soares

    My flowers are finally awaking too! It is wonderful to see the nature reborning after such hard winter.

    (I am getting a little worried…Didn`t you receive the parcel yet?)


  3. Meg

    Just today I noticed that my tulips are coming up! You weren't the only one doing a happy dance right there in the front yard!

  4. Alice

    Whoop whoop! I have been dancing around for the last few days – the sun is OUT and the snowdrops are stretching their beautiful white petals right up to the sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally we can come out of hibernation 🙂

  5. Emily

    I love how it's the little things that can mean the most. A small spring flower is almost more exciting than a vibrant, sunny day.

  6. branch homestead

    wow. those are beauties…lucky you.

    we have had an incredibly bright winter for western new york. the snow has not left the ground for the most part. it has been beautiful in the mid 30s this week, but we still have lots of snow and no sign of anything green outside. i am hopeful though.

    great weekend to you.


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