Homeward Bound

ABC HomeFive glorious days in New York City and I am returning home feeling rejuvenated. Perhaps it was all that great coffee and conversation, or maybe it was my fabulous travel companion, or maybe, just maybe, it was the visual feast that is ABC Home. I’m guessing it was a perfect combination of all of the above!ABC HomeABC HomeABC HomeABC HomeCan I give you a little travel tip? If you are ever in New York, and your stomach starts to rumble, you simply must stop for a bite to eat at Le Pain Quotidien, the charming Parisian cafe inside of ABC Home. I guarantee you will leave satisfied. If not…your lunch is on me!Le Pain QuotidienI know that I will be back soon…I had a wonderful meeting on Monday that might shape the future of my New York experience. We’ll see!?!Coffee in Soho

14 thoughts on “Homeward Bound

  1. naturally nina

    oh my god, i love that place. (the food place, but i won't even try to remember how to spell it! 🙂

    so glad to hear you're feeling better. and of course, lovely photos *as always*


  2. Susan

    well, it would have been something fun to run into you at Purl. I was there on Saturday with you-know-who. Sorry we didn't realize it.

  3. Alice

    I need to come to New York!! I NEED to go to Le Pain Quotidien!!! A little meme for you over at mine, which I hope you will take part in 🙂

  4. cindi

    Those birdhouses and little birds are to die for. So cute! Glad you had a great time. Hope everthing works out the way you want.

  5. whoopsiedaisiesgal

    Love your blog – so pretty.
    So sorry about your home being robbed – same thing happened to me about 1 year ago. It's an awful feeling. People broke down our back door – went through kids bedrooms, the whole bit – some sentimental things taken too. Really is a hard thing to go through.
    Anyway – on a happier note – just wanted to let you know that I linked you on a blog post today.

  6. bella

    Your photos are charming ~ and so are you.
    (Remember my name!!!) That will remain in the top 10 of my most bizarre moments ever… probably for the rest of my life.
    The drinks… The drinks!!!
    But I did hum the song Fame the entire next day 🙂

  7. Javacurls

    Oh, I love, love, love Le Pain Quotidien. We have several here in Belgium and I always look forward to their breads and their community tables.


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