The Perfect Quilt

New Quilt BundleAlright friends, I need your help. I know that you always come through for me…so here is today’s task: can you help me find the PERFECT quilt to make with this PERFECT fabric??!!
New Quilt BundleA few weeks ago I went to NYC and, of course, stopped by Purl Soho. I almost never buy pre-made bundles of fabric because I love picking my own, but when I saw this one, I almost fell right over. I was and still am, completely in love with this fabric combination. The only problem is, I am a bit gun-shy when it comes to cutting into this fabric…so I want to find the perfect quilt to make with it. So, if you have a minute, comment with the link to your favorite quilting blog, favorite quilt pattern or just a great picture of a beautiful quilt. My scissors are primed and waiting….!
New Quilt Bundle

8 thoughts on “The Perfect Quilt

  1. Lulu

    i don't do much quilting (at all, really). all of my sewing comes in the form of curtains and dresses and the like, but a bento box quilt would look really great in these patterns =]

    it might totally not be your style, but it looks fun to me =]

  2. Michael - Innkeeper

    I know this isn't much help… but I had a dream last night that I had your fabric, this fabric at my house and I spilled something on it. weird right? I guess it must be great stuff as I was dreaming about it!

    Good luck with finding a pattern you love.

  3. Holly

    What about something like this one on “Film in the Fridge”?:

    You could “fussy cut” the top fabric (with the girls). Perhaps surround with a solid and then one of the patterned fabrics (so that the focus can be on the “fussy cut”.

    You can't really go wrong no matter what you choose! They are lovely fabrics.

    I always have a tough time cutting into my favourites too. I have some fun little Ross fabrics sitting around waiting for me to be brave enough to get at them with the scissors. Sadly, I am often just content to iron, fold, stack and admire fabric.

    Alternatively, you can never go wrong with some simple patchwork!


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