Looking Back

Very First Cross StitchI grew up in a home where we were constantly creating. My mom is still an incredible source of inspiration when it comes to living a handmade, homemade life. She always made our lunches and dinners from scratch and we always sat down at the end of the day as a family. My dad, the happiest man alive, would always ask us…”What was the best part of your day?,” which we loved to answer, up until our teenage years, where we would respond by rolling our eyes and shooting him a death stare.Childhood Friends We always had a garden on the side of our house, and I still remember the year that our pumpkins grew down the entire length of the driveway. In the winter, my dad would flood a section of the field next to our house and we would hold hockey games with the entire neighborhood. We grew up in a community where we could ride our bikes over to our friends houses, where games of Kick-The-Can would be played late into the summer nights, where we walked to school in large groups…laughing and dallying the entire way, always getting to our seats just seconds before the bell rang. I remember riding my bike to school in my middle school years, and I decided one day, to take my helmet off right before I got to school (not wanting to look nerdy, obviously). Unbeknown to me, a neighbor spotted me and when I got home from school, my mom was all ready to give me the safety talk. I was SO mad at this tattling neighbor, and to this day, my mom still won’t tell me who it was. But looking back, I am thankful that our neighborhood was as tight-knit as it was, and that someone was always looking out for my best interest.Matroshka Dolls Finally, I remember my mom teaching me to love sewing. We made doll quilts, little purses, matching pajama pants for me and my best friends. I still have some of my childhood handiwork hanging in my home today and every time I pass it by, it reminds me of the playful joy that I created with as a child.My First Quilt I try every day to bring that childlike sense of wonder and joy back into my life, one stitch at a time. As I am obviously feeling sentimental this morning, I would love to know some of your favorite childhood memories!

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5 thoughts on “Looking Back

  1. Geek Knitter

    Favorite childhood memories… oh, I love this question!

    Our driveway wasn't paved and was prone to potholes, which turned into mud puddles in the rain. Oh look, a lake!

    My brother and I had been playing in one for quite a while when our mother came out to check on us.

    She was confronted by the sight of her children soaked to the skin, covered in mud.

    She turned on her heel, went back inside and got the camera. It's a black and white photo, tightly focused. We're crouched on the edge of the puddle looking up at the camera, and really all you can see well are the whites of our eyes and our huge grins.

  2. Estelle

    I'll have to give the childhood memory some thought. I blogged back in December about the Christmas that my grandparents made me a dollhouse and told me that Santa had delivered it to their house. That was pretty great.

    Mostly I just want to say that I've just fallen hard for your blog. Just found it this morning and I want to spend the rest of the day being inspired by you. Must get to work but I'll be back. You are a treasure.

  3. cindi

    What wonderful memories! Some of my childhood memories are similar. Maybe I should blog about them sometimes…it's always fun to take a look back.

  4. gigi

    I had to comment because not only are childhood memories some of my favorite things to think about, but my mom has that same set of matryoshka dolls and my sisters and I always loved to play with it when we were younger.


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