Naturally Nina

Nina's VisitHave you ever had the chance to meet up with a “blog friend” in real life? It can be a little bit scary, wondering if they will live up to their blog and hoping you will do the same! Yesterday was one of those amazing days where I met a “blog friend” and she far surpassed any expectations that I might have had…which is really no surprise, considering this friend is Nina, of the incredible blog, Naturally Nina.
Coffee ExchangeIn this small world of ours, it turns out that my husband coached her fiance’s college tennis team, and to add to this “small world” story, my husband met Nina last year at a work-related conference. A few months ago, Nina emailed me and relayed this crazy story, and sent along her blog address….and that was the start of our blogging friendship.Coffee ExchangeRight after the holidays, we decided that it would be fun to meet-up in person, since she lives right down the way in Boston. I loved that she was open to coming to Providence…and so yesterday, I had the chance to show-off my adorable town. We had a long lunch at a cozy coffee shop and then spent the afternoon touring my favorite stores.
Frog and ToadSince yesterday was a holiday, many of the shops were closed, but I just figure that gives Nina the perfect excuse to come back! We are already planning a day in Boston and I can’t help but feel giddy…how often to you meet someone through this crazy blogging world and discover that you have the potential to be great friends!?
Fresh PurlsIf you have never stopped by Naturally Nina…you simply must take the time to visit today!Coffee Exchange

9 thoughts on “Naturally Nina

  1. Vashti

    hey I am meeting one of my bloggy friends in may! We have been friends for about a year and she lives in New Jersey and I live in South Africa. She is coming to visit with her hubby in May!!! Just a few more weeks and we will get to meet.
    WE have never met but she has become one of my best friends….so excited to meet her face to face.
    have a look at todays post on my blog and you will see her.
    It is so exciting making new friends isnt it?!

  2. leonie.wise

    meeting blog friends has always turned out well for me and i'm so happy it has for you too.

    in fact one of the reasons i went to squam last september was because so many of my blogging buddies would be there. i was not disappointed at all to meet any of them. i think we are all even closer now as i can hear their voice every time i read something they write

    i've got a trip planned to new york in a couple of weeks (yes, another trip!) and get to see 2 (maybe 3) of them again!


  3. ellen

    I've had some great experiences meeting up with blog friends! I live in Boston and would love a list of your favorite stores in Providence. Thanks.


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