An Unexpected Gift

Little Felt HouseLast night, Vijay and I exchanged simple gifts for Valentine’s Day. I am not a diamonds and jewelry type girl…that is just too much for me. I am content with a bouquet of flowers, or a heartfelt card. But my husband loves to spoil me, so in addition to a beautiful bouquet of flowers, he also got me a pair of fleece pajamas. I kept teasing him…”You know you are married and no longer dating when your husband gets you long sleeved fleece pajamas instead of sexy lingerie!” To which he replied…”But you are always cold at night, so I thought these were perfect.” So cute.
Little Felt House I knew he would do something sweet, so I was faced with the dilemma of what to get him. I mean, really…what do you get a guy for Valentine’s Day? The answer came a few weeks ago when we were hunkered down in bed watching a movie. I can never just watch a movie, I always need something to keep my hands busy, so I was working on a little felt embroidery project. Normally, Vijay is completely oblivious to all of my craft projects. In fact, I was working on my crocheted blanket right next to him in bed for 6 months, and when I finished, he asked me where it had come from…he had never even noticed what I was doing that entire time. So imagine my shock when he turned to me, looked at my embroidery hoop and said…”I love that…do you think you could make me one to hang in my office?” I swear I almost fell right out of bed…and right then and there, my Valentine’s dilemma was solved, not to mention the fact that I feel like we have turned a major corner!

Little felt house tutorial here.

8 thoughts on “An Unexpected Gift

  1. cindi

    So cute! I definitely will have to take a look at the tutorial. I can imagine that you heart just swelled when he made that comment. It's nice when our husbands say, “Great job, honey.” no matter what words they use.


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