Color Wars

signs of springI have been getting such a kick out of the comments over at Apartment Therapy…what an opinionated (yet incredibly flattering) group! It’s always interesting to see how others view your home, because to me, it’s just my home, plain and's eggWhat really strikes me about the comments, is everyone’s shock over the colors that I use in my paint, fabric and furnishings. I love bright colors and can’t imagine living in a home with white walls. On these gray winter days, sometimes the only color and brightness that I see is that which resides inside the four walls of my house. The green of my sprouting bulbs matches the green on my entryway walls, the blue of my chicken eggs matches the blue on my living room walls, and for some funny reason, this makes me smile…it brings me great joy! Little pink pigAnd for all of you concerned with my husband, who has to live in my girly wonderland, I must tell you, he loves it! In fact, as I learned from one comment, in India, pink is the color of hospitality! But all of this has me wondering…what is your approach to color in your home? I am curious…do you go for painted walls, colors galore or a more understated approach?

18 thoughts on “Color Wars

  1. naturally nina

    Our condo is painted BRIGHT orange (my fiance's choice) and I love it! It's so warm and inviting.

    I am now going to peek at these comments you speak of… I hope they were nice to you, or I'm going to have to kick some ass. 🙂

  2. Snap

    My kitchen has been called by a friend *dreamsicle orange*, living room is yellow as is the dining room. One bedroom is light green, another is blue and I haven't finished the other. The stairway is a mustard color. Color, color, color!

  3. Erin

    I love the colors in your home! It's definitely very girly, and I think it's great! I love color, but I opt for more subtle colors myself. I painted all my wooden kitchen chairs different colors–faded red, denim blue, copper green, and mustard yellow. Color just brightens the mood, and it's always fun to have people comment on the colors we have in our apartment when we just think of it as our day-to-day normal.

  4. Meg

    I'm totally with you- I love color!

    When I encounter a white wall the only thing I can think about is what color I would paint it. I never see a white wall as the finished look.

    My living room is a springy, bright teal. I love how cheery it looks this time of year. And I have yellow teal and brown stripes painted on one wall of the connecting dining room.

  5. Meg

    I'm a pretty new reader to your blog but have found so many great projects here just this week! Someone gave me a link award a few days ago and I wanted to pass it on to you. Thanks for the all the great inspiration (just this past week)!

  6. goodharbormary

    I am all about color! I adore your pallette! I'm sitting in my den…bright yellow walls (and ceiling) with glossy blue trim. I can peek into my sunroom from where i'm sitting…glorious bright blue and a very spring green (with yellow switchplates) with white trim–and one wall of pale grey shingles (red rugs and cushions round out this bazaar!) This summer we painted the rest of the downstairs a gorgeous cafe latte, kiwi green and a terra cotta sort of orange (i cannot remember the color names). The three colors flow beautifully across our very open living/dining/kitchen area beams/walls etc. Atlantic White trim. Upstairs we're all about the colors of the nearby sea and the hues of seaglass…all blues and greens in various shades. My fave is our hallway and stairs which are a glorious robins egg blue. Our guestroom green has been seeming too dark so i think a can of lavender paint is calling out to me! We just don't understand how a wall could ever be white!

  7. Liv

    Hi, I'm an Apartment Therapy reader who loved your home and had to come check out your blog. And I agree with Sarah – people can be very harsh sometimes, but almost everything was really positive about your home, which goes to show what broad appeal it has. I am not usually a fan of pastels but your home totally made me reconsider them. I love what you've done with the colors! It looks wonderful. :)I live in an apartment at the moment where I can't really paint the walls (well, I could… but I'm moving in 6 months and I don't want to have to paint them white again when I leave), but I like the look of white walls too. It can be very clean and fresh to me when accessorized with enough color in the furnishings, art, plants, etc. But seeing your beautiful, colorful home is really inspiring… maybe my next apartment I will try painting in color. Who knows… 🙂 Anyway, thanks for sharing your home on AT, and your blog looks great.

  8. Holly

    Such a lovely home! I have revisited a couple of times just to admire. I have very similar shade on my living room walls (that I just finished painting!). I also recognize some of my very favourite fabrics (Gothic Rose, Amy Butler and some Poppy fabric by Heather Bailey). Lovely, girly and modern all at the same time!

    One question…where (OH WHERE?!) did you find the fantastic lamp that is sitting on the bureau with the turquoise handles. Lovely.

    PS – Thank you for having been so generous with all of your answers about colours/sources!


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