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First day homeFor all of you who haven’t the slightest interest in chickens, let me apologize…cause this is going to be a chicken-centric post! Yesterday, someone commented and asked me if I could show pictures of my chicken coop. That’s when it hit me. I have never shown off my big coop redo, which took place at the end of last summer. So without further delay…Chicks!Okay, maybe a bit of delay, because I wanted to show off my girls…their baby pictures, all the way through today. For those of you who are new to my blog, here is the long and short of it: I decided to give urban chicken farming a try last spring, and so in mid-April, I brought home four newborn Araucana chicks. I kept them in my studio for the first two weeks, just so I could make sure that they were warm and healthy. As they grew a bit bigger, I moved them into the basement and began taking them on little adventures outside, so that they could get used to the new environment.
Growing upWhen they hit their awkward adolescent phase (pullets, to get technical), I moved the girls permanently outside to their coop, which I built from a template.
Awkward teenage phaseFrom there, they shot up like little weeds and before you know it, they were laying the most gorgeous pale blue-green eggs you have ever seen. EggsAnd then tragedy struck…two nights in a row, a wild animal broke into the coop and killed off my girls, one at a time. So now I am left with two, and they are braving the winter like true champions. I moved their coop into the garage during the colder months so that they have an extra barrier against the cold. They still spend their days ranging freely around the yard, and while they were scared of the snow for the entire month of December, they have finally gotten over it and are back to their active selves. Whew…
PollySo here is their coop last summer…plain, boring wood.
Coop beforeBy the end of that rainy summer, it was looking a little worse for the wear, so I decided a make-over was in order.
Coop beforeUsing scrap wood, leftover house paint, a crazy cool decal I found at a thrift shop, and an old wooden box, I planned the renovation.
Coop redoTa-Da! Nothing but the best for my girls!
Coop after Coop after So here is my closing thought: if you have ever considered raising chickens in your backyard, I would say…”GO for it!” It has been such a rewarding and fun experiment and I can’t wait to get a few more chicks this spring!

25 thoughts on “All Things Chicken

  1. Anonymous

    Oh Christine, I loved this!!! I snuck away for a brief second while waiting for people to join a conference call…more later, but I had to tell you what a treat this is!!!

  2. Geek Knitter

    I'm not sure which is more charming… the decal or the flower box!

    We had chickens when I was a girl, and ended up with one Araucana in the bunch. I insisted that her green eggs were tastier than the “plain” ones.

  3. Sheryl

    i really want to raise my own chickens someday! (that is, when i have my own place). i always get weird looks when i tell people this but glad to know someone else out there is doing this and doing it in style. the coop is awesome and i love the pictures of the little chicks!

    in what part of the country do you live? the reason i ask is i know nothing about zoning laws (?) and such… how can we find out what towns permit chickens as pets?

    ps: i'm one of your reader who never comments even after your recent post pleading for more comments. sorries! *sheepish look*

  4. Brittan Butterfly

    I love chickens and as soon as I am able to I am getting some! I can't wait!!! your little baby photos are sooooo cute! And your remodeled coop is most likely the envy of every other chicken in the city! Good work!

  5. Beth S.

    That is the cutest chicken coop I've ever seen! (though I don't think I've seen many so maybe I'm not the best person to say that :p)

    If I lived in a house instead of a condo, your post would highly tempt me to get some chickens.

  6. Kristin

    I am so tickled with today's post. As mentioned earlier, I just dropped in to take a peek and I saw all these adorable pictures! I was just delighted! I am so inspired, especially after seeing how adorable a hen house could look! That after picture is just the cat's meow….or should I say the hen's cluck! It couldn't be cuter! I can't wait to build MY festive little coop…the design possibilities are endless!

  7. Christine Chitnis

    Hi everyone…thank you for all of the chicken love! Aren't my girls the cutest!?

    To answer a few of your questions:

    Geek Knitter: Green eggs are always tastier, I believe that is a scientifically proven fact!

    Sheryl: Welcome to the comment section, glad to have you! I live in Providence, RI and *shhh* our laws don't really allow chickens, but I keep my neighbors quiet and happy by giving them fresh eggs! Check out The City Chicken website, which lists the zoning laws for many states.

    Kristin: So glad you have chosen to come out of anonymity!

    Michele: Chickens are easier to care for than most other pets, including dogs. Let them out in the morning, feed them, and close them in at night…done! Plus their dropping are excellent for the compost pile!

    1. Carla

      Hi, My husband and I have chickens in RI as well.(shhh) we do the same. Our town doesn’t allow chickens but we give all of our neighbors fresh free eggs plus all of the neighborhood kids like to come over and feed the chickens. (great learning tool for them) Wish i could upload a pic of our coop. Love having chickens. They each have a personality and love to wander the yard. Plus, their poop is amazing for the garden. It’s a win win. Thanks for sharing your pics

  8. Kimm Branch

    love that coop! we are impatiently waiting for spring so that we can get our chicks. we are allowed to have 3 in our town.

    we hope to give our ladies as lovely a home as you have given yours.

  9. Chris

    TOO Cool – it's my hope to have some chicklets this year – thanks for the inspiration on the coop and stepping outside the 'box'


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