Winners, Projects, Long Weekends…oh my!

Embroidered sachetI love long weekends. There is nothing better than having an entire Monday stretched out before you, with nothing to do but read, craft and watch silly movies. I recently signed up for a crafty swap, and so I have been brainstorming fun items to make for my partner. I have had this adorable Checkout Girl sachet tutorial bookmarked forever, and it seemed like just the perfect thing. The only problem…I am getting a bit too attached! Perhaps I should make a few more for myself!
Work in progressAnd finally, after reaching 188 comments (AMAZING), it’s time to announce the results…..drum-roll, please….

The WINNER of the India Giveaway:

Clare said…

Everything is so beautiful! Just like your blog! Thank you for giving away such treasure.

Work in progress
Thank you so much to everyone who commented. I really, truly hope that you come and visit often…I have loved meeting each and every one of you. Don’t be a stranger!

3 thoughts on “Winners, Projects, Long Weekends…oh my!

  1. Kimm Branch

    love this sachet, we are getting ready to make some sachets too. we collected some cedar shavings from our remodel and we also saved needles from the christmas tree that we are going to try.


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