It’s the Little Things That Count

Children on Agra VillageHaving just returned from a country that faces so much poverty, so much inadequacy when it comes to infrastructure, I am feeling particularly crushed by the events unfolding in Haiti. It’s difficult to know what to do, how to help. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by choices…Red Cross, Catholic Relief Services, Doctors Without Borders… It is easy to feel as if a small contribution wouldn’t make a difference. Children on Agra VillageBut wait…look at this amazing fact: The American Red Cross has raised 8 million dollars just through texts that add $10 to phone bills. All in the past 3 days. AMAZING. Every, single, little bit helps.
Children on Agra Village Amongst all the suffering, I have found hope and inspiration in the American people, as well as people around the world. There are so many times when I feel let-down and embarrassed by our country, by the decisions of its citizens and its leaders. But at this moment, my heart is bursting with pride for our country. “This is a time,” President Obama wrote in his official White House letter, “when we are reminded of the common humanity that we all share, and Americans have always responded to these situations with generosity of spirit.” Indeed, American donations are already set to exceed private donations made after Hurricane Katrina and the 2004 Asian tsunami…and in the middle of a recession. I am warmed to my core when I think if the goodness and generosity of people.
Children on Agra Village “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

-Anne Frank

Have a blessed weekend.

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