Gifts from Afar

Silver EarringsI haven’t even gotten to the best part of our India trip….the shopping! Imagine stalls of silver, jewelry, textiles, handicrafts, and all at very reasonable prices (as long as you have an Indian husband to do your bidding for you!). Tiny ElephantNow, let me state for the record: my husband HATES shopping. Once a year I drag him to J. Crew and force him to get a few new sweaters and collared shirts, otherwise, he would be content wearing his bad 80’s wardrobe left over from college. Not okay. Kantha quiltBut in India, Vijay was the shopping king. Reason being…he was able to flex his bargaining muscles. Haggling is a game to him, a competitive sport. Here’s how it worked; my mom and I would pick out the items that we liked, and then Vijay would kindly ask us to scram. He would begin his bargaining only once we were out of ear-shot and often, it would last for 1/2 hour and include at least two cups of chai. He would argue with the vendor over every last rupee. A bitter battle to witness. My mom and I would cower outside the shop, just waiting for the vendor to lose his patience and throw Vijay out on his behind. Vintage paper painting But that never once happened…in fact, by the end of the long negotiations, when the final price was decided on, Vijay and the vendor would shake hands and begin joking and laughing with one another. No hard feelings. It was truly a game, for both parties involved. Once we were back in the car, Vijay would give us the play-by-play account of his bargaining session, obsessing over the fact that he should have been able to get a lower price. My mom and I were all…”LET IT GO.”Handpainted peacock After all of that, we feel that our treasures are well deserved. Speaking of treasures…I hope you will visit me on Monday because I am going to be holding a GIVEAWAY, with the prize being a few beautiful trinkets I picked up in India!! And on that note, have a wonderful weekend!
Silver treasures Kantha QuiltTiny silver elephantKantha quilt

12 thoughts on “Gifts from Afar

  1. Anand

    Hey Christine! I read through your blog, especially your posts on India and loved it. As an Indian who has traveled and lived abroad extensively, including 5 yrs in US, this provided a unique and different perspective. Love the pictures! I see you visited only few places in India. next time I hope you will visit others such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa, Kerela and see the diverse experiences and culture India has to offer. Hope you enjoyed your travels and you'll be coming back

  2. gina armfield

    I just found your blog through a friend of mine Judy Wise and am so glad that I did. Your photographs are lovely. Your images of India are breathtaking especially your rededication ceremony. The colors are intoxicating. Although I have never been I have always had a love affair with India. My Favorite quote “Pink and Orange are the navy blue of India …” Happiest of New Years!

  3. Kimberly Aardal

    That's the way to visit India! It's amazing the bargaining that occurs and it sounds like your husband was in his element. The pieces you brought back were beautiful.

  4. Erin

    I'd just like to say that I'm so encouraged by your love and passion for India. I'm new to your blog, but everywhere I look, I see India.

    The reason this matters to me is because I'm the same.way.when it comes to Uganda. The people and the culture, the landscapes and heartbeat of the place has stolen my heart. So, I'd just like to say thanks for sharing your passion because really, not many people understand the urgent love I have for Uganda…but I see it in you for Indai

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    They'd be excellent gifts, mo0st of times we receive the same presents ans this is the opportunity to do something different, actually my mother's birthday is tomorrow, I'll try to look for something like that.


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